" I loved the vast diversity of the landscape and the people's extraordinary sense of hospitality and love for their country.

I also enjoyed the personal chats about my individual interests and needs beforehand, and that these had been met with thorough consideration.

The fact that the whole trip was organized and guided by locals made it all the more special, it made me feel like a got a glimpse of the real Lebanon.


I would definitely recommend anyone to book with Neosafar!"


Melanie B. (UK) - 5 days hiking on the Lebanon Mountain Trail in December 2019

"We loved so many aspects of our trip: our accompanying guide, the Baalbeck ruins, hiking in Aaqoura, biking during our stay, restaurants by the beach, small boat trips, the roman ruins of Tyre and Byblos.

What touched us most is the delicious food and the fragility of the existing balance in this country

in two words, Beautiful country, that we saw in the middle of its revolution !"


Jérôme E . (France)- family trip of 14 days in October 2019

" Excellent service and very professional owner, Mrs Dior.

we did a one day tour of Jabal Moussa and Jbeil with a very experienced driver. During the trip, we were contacted twice by Mrs Dior who wanted to check whether everything is ok.

Overall an excellent experience and we will definitely use Neosafar  on our next visit to Lebanon"


Boris D. (Croatia)- day trip in October 2019

" We particularly appreciated certain spots such as Byblos and the exceptional quality of the archaeological guide there, Batroun, Beirut's museum and its guide, visiting certain neighborhoods of Beirut (such as Ouzville and it's guesthouse who received us for lunch), Tripoli's souks, Afqa, Baatara's gulf, Qadicha's sacred valley and the Qozhayya convent, The Gibran Khalil Gibran museum in Bcharreh, Deir el-Amar ( a spot of paradise!) along with Beit eddine. 

What touched us most is the friendliness and kindness of people, the beauty of the landscapes, the historical and archaeological jewels of the country, as well as the quality and variety of the food and sweets!""


Family member of family Ch. (France)-  Family trip of 15 people during 15 days in August 2019

"Wanting to discover Lebanon with my family with two teenagers (15 and 18 years old), we asked Neosafar to organize our stay there:

cultural and culinary discoveries, hikes, staying in local guesthouses, daily activities... their program suggestion immediately answered our request.

Once there, the itinerary was at a very high level and even better than our expectations. Our local accompanying chauffeur guide made us discover her Lebanon! It was all perfectly organized and all went according to plan.

The guesthouses and homestays were very generous, the hikes and bike trips, the local historical guides for each of our visits ( Tyre, Qadisha sacred valley, Baalbeck, Beiteddine, Byblos, Tripoli, Beirut Museum, hike guides)  were all full of energy and eager to show us their country. We even met local handscraftmen in their workshops and homes (glass blowers, pottery makers, wine makers, farmers).

Thanks to Neosafar, our trip was a real discovery and a true face to face meeting with Lebanon.

A big thank you for the quality of your services and the fact that you are very customer-oriented!'


Amel (France)-  family trip of 15 days in August 2019


" I just came back from a 15-day trip to Lebanon, among which 10 were organized by Neosafar.

it was an excellent organization, with the guide, the legendary hospitality of the Lebanese, the welcoming mountains, the lebanese cuisine (+++) and most of all, the people that I met, all very warm and generous.

Lebanon can count on a new friend!"






Chantal (Canada)-  Solo trip of 10 days in July 2019


"A tailor-made programme that made us discover the history and culture of Lebanon in depth.

We return from such a trip truly enriched, and keep a beautiful memory of the warm welcome of our guides, our hosts and the Lebanese people we met! without forgettting the delicious Lebanese food!... 😊


A big thank you to Neosafar for organizing this trip that perfectly met our expectations: discovery, bonding and aunthenticity. 
We which you all the success !" 


Mathilde and Alice (France)- Cousins trip of 5 days in July 2019 

"We just came back from 11 days spent in Lebanon with Neosafar. Everything went extremely well from A to Z. We came back with 15 extra kilos of products in our luggage wine, soap, jam, cedar honey and hand-crafted products. The people and the views are amazing.






We can only recommend you go visit this beautiful destination with Neosafar that helped go even further in terms of interactions with the locals!"


Delphine and Sylvain (France)- Couple trip of 11 days in May 2019 

"We are back from a 10-day family trip in Lebanon entirely organized by Neosafar.

We had many requests and constraints and wanted an authentic trip. Neosafar managed to answer our expectations and beyond!

We had an itinerary mixing historical sites, natural spots, culinary culture and handscrafts, all this while being closest to locals.


Thank you Neosafar for your professionalism, your flexibility and your attention.

 Many thanks as well to our chauffeur guide Pia who was extraordinary!


 If you wish to discover the land of the Cedars outside beaten tracks and close to locals far from classical touristic paths, make sure to get in touch with Neosafar who will know how to adapt your trip to your needs and aspirations .

We fully recommend Neosafar, and give them a 5 -star review!"


Lan-Anh (France)- family trip of 10 days in December 2018

"I visited Lebanon with Neosafar this year in a group trip and it was extraordinary; we spent a lot of time surrounded by locals and learned a lot from them.

This helped us know more their country and habits.

Very enriching trip and always surrounded by good vibes!

I really like what Neosafar is doing for Lebanon by developing reseponsible tourism in an original and fun way !

I gained a few extra kilos from my trip...what a gastronomy!




Caroline (France-Brazil)- Group trip of 10 days in October 2018

"Wonderful day spent in the north of Lebanon. Our french friends were very happy; we learned many new things and saw so many beautiful things around us. The accompanying guide was very cool and flexible! i recommend Neosafar!"








Lara - Day in May 2018 

"I was looking forward to go to Lebanon because I had heard about it from a Lebanese friend and it was in the context of her wedding that I finally made it there with other friends. Having arrived during the night, I discovered Lebanon by day with a magnificent view over the Qadisha valley! We stayed in a hotel that has an incredible terrace on the heights of Bcharré.

We hiked in the tiny forest of the gigantic and majestic cedars of Lebanon, then between the orchards, in the little streets of lively villages, in a monastery overlooking some hermitage sites. I highly recommend this region where I would have liked to stay longer.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to visit two sites of ruins: Baalbek and Tyre with a Lebanese guide. In Tyre, some ruins are near the sea which gives a particular charm to the site. Baalbek is also just wonderful and the temples are very well preserved.

I also loved Beirut because it is cosmopolitan: the moods, the buildings, the streets by day and by night. Even if it does not seem very usual in Lebanon, it's worth walking around to cross the different neighborhoods.

Lebanese food is famous, it is indeed delicious and diversified. a personal favourite is the salad "fattouch", I miss it!Finally, Lebanon touched me by its hospitality; the interactions with the Lebanese are simple and sincere and they invite you to discover their country with a lot of pleasure and in complete safety ".


Mélanie - Trip in August 2017

"Lebanon is a country of the Middle East which by its geographical situation (nestled between Israel and Syria) and its "recent" civil wars can scare and does not attract the standard tourist,


I understand that it was not a country that attracted me at first sight. We always hear the same thing on the news (Palestinian refugees, gunfire in Beirut between different religious communities, Hezbollah ...). But we forget that it is above all a country of incredible richness, with warm people, a culture, an exceptional gastronomy (watch out for the extra kilos...), ancestral know-how, heritage, a story that has nothing to envy to Europe and breathtaking landscapes.


Indeed, what a beautiful country, what a diversity of landscape for a country smaller than Brittany (France) ... A coastline of more than 200 km from Tripoli to Tyr, two chains of mountains, ski resorts in winter, ruins of ancient civilizations. We are fascinated by all this and no need to spend a month there to realize it. We alternated the inlands and villages with hikes in the middle of the mountains, and coastlines and city tours. I particularly enjoyed a hike in the Qadisha Valley and the urban walking tour of downtown Beirut.

People are hospitable and caring! "Ahla w sahla" (means "welcome" in arabic), is the first sentence I heard and remembered from Lebanese of any age. What a generous population who is at the crossroads of Arab, Phoenician, Egyptian and Ottoman cultures. Thanks to the French protectorate that began in the 1920s, many Lebanese speak French, and we appreciated the effort to speak french very much during our stay. All the people met on the road, in the youth hostels, in the restaurants, at random places during our hikes are still in my head.

From a gastronomy point of view, a marvel! I have a weakness for Mediterranean food but the Lebanese is definitely my favorite (nothing to do with the one we eat in France!); labné, hummus, man'ouché, chawarma, vegetarian dishes, yummy! i really encourage everyone to go and taste what is done in the country of the cedars.

In terms of culture and history, Lebanon is located at the west end of the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia. The cultural wealth is incredible; you can find as many Phoenician ruins as Roman ones with temples equivalent to the most beautiful temples built in Italy ... frankly, before knowing that I was going to Lebanon, I had no idea! I did not know either that more than 18 religious communities coexisted and that one would see as many churches as mosques in the same area.

Finally, not everything is perfect. just like everywhere. The flip side of the coin is the urbanisation by adding concrete constructions on the coast, the lack of public transportation, the reign of the car, the environmental "no man's land". Indeed, very few protection rules are in place. But we are not going to blame the authorities: first, who are we to judge: it has taken us lots of generations for awareness to come to France, second, the fragility of the balance between the 18 religious communities is the priority of the country.

In all cases, I have never felt insecure, I enjoyed every moment and I was amazed by this country so small but so beautiful, with a bonus of blue skies guaranteed every day: shorts, sneakers and glasses must be added to your suitcases!

In brief, I am fascinated by this country and I will return. We all know Lebanese people, who have friends or family everywhere in Lebanon :), so do not hesitate to activate your contact book, they will be so happy to welcome you and make you discover their beautiful country ".

Céline - trip in August 2017