24. août 2018
20. août 2018
20. août 2018
27. avril 2018
Warning, this post is a short yet nostalgic post... This post is for longing for tastes and smells and colours and places of what we call HOME… This post is for Halley (oh that marshmallow filling!), Tarbouch (or “Ras el Aabed” for the oldies), the crunchy apple of Akoura, the Turkish coffee with the Chaffé cup, although I am not a fan of the taste, but the smell, oh that smell!, the Bosta (picture!) we used to take to school with the hussle and bumpy rides and original honks! This post...
07. mars 2018
who said that you cannot trek and trail in Lebanon ?
08. février 2018
Beyond other addictions, there is one I am particularly helpless about…Lebanon!