Like chocolate and sushi!


We all have some sort of addiction to something(s). Some have addiction to chocolate, others to a certain kind of fruit or veggy, such as mango or avocado. Quite a few are addicted to sushi and everytime sushi is on the menu, it’s an overjoy, just like kids, it’s all they can think about. It can also be as simple as the sun and its warmth; well…honestly, I am addicted to all of the above, guilty as charged!

Beyond these addictions, there is one I am particularly helpless about…Lebanon!

It’s crazy how I have been away for 10 years now, and first I used to mainly miss specific people and smells and foods and places, now I miss people and smells and foods and places but also a feeling I have when I am there that lacks when I am away, a feeling of schizophrenic

belonging/not belonging, a longing to be there in certain time/space laps, a longing for situations I can only live and immerse into when I am in Lebanon! something always keeps me coming back for more...I’m telling you, a real addiction, so real that I even tattooed this country on my skin, oh yes, I got Lebanon…under my skin!

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